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ASP Red Gun Series, M18 Handgun



ASP Red Gun Series, Sig M18 Handgun

Red Gun products provide a safe means of training law enforcement personnel to handle, transport, retain and present law enforcement equipment.

The use of real weapons during training classes has resulted in far too many law enforcement students and instructors being seriously injured with “unloaded” firearms and “safe” knives. ASP Red Guns® provide realistic training replicas of actual law enforcement equipment.


Red Guns are lightweight and forgiving in the training environment. Because they are reinforced, Red Guns have the durability necessary for continuous training use. Precision-molded Red Guns fit high-security law enforcement duty holsters. Red Guns provide a safe means of training law enforcement personnel to handle, transport, retain, and present firearms. In every significant training detail, Red Guns replicate the exact appearance and handling characteristics of duty firearms. The distinctive molded-in color of Red Guns readily identifies them as “safe” to the public and in the training environment.


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  • Weight: 12.7 oz
  • 100% accurate replica
  • Tough, solid polymer
  • Red color for absolute safety
  • Exacting Tolerances
  • Reinforced Construction

The police firearm is an officer’s most distinctive piece of service equipment. Each year a significant number of law enforcement personnel are shot with their own weapons. Weapon retention training as well as weapon disarming procedures are critical law enforcement skills.

In addition, police personnel must learn to routinely carry firearms and master the safe handling of weapons under stress. Officers must acquire weapon safety skills for use while moving when searching, and during room clearance procedures.

Red Guns provide rugged, lightweight training replicas that are precisely detailed to create a safe training environment. Unlike less expensive movie props, ASP Red Guns are steel reinforced and molded from high-impact hard polymer.

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