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Blaze Defense Systems QR Conversion Kit

$121.60 - $180.00
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Convert ANY VEST with a cummerbund and molle to a BDS Quick (QR) Release Conversion Kit.

The BDS QR Conversion Kit allows the user to adapt the QR Conversion Kit to the "under flap" of the front portion of your vest, where you normally keep your AR Magazines, Medical, etc.  Instead of "Fighting the Flap" or "Death by Velcro", just convert to the QR Conversion Kit for ease of getting in and out of your carrier system. Works on all vests BDS has tried this on that has a cummerbund that wraps around to the front of a vest. The carrier shown in the pictures is a Banshee carrier that BDS used the BDS QR Conversion Kit on. Works like a charm.
QR Buckles are GT Buckles manufactured by AustriAlpin, creators of the original Cobra Buckle system used on many belt rigs and other rescue gear. They have a very high abuse and weight tolerance and are very durable.  Each buckle polymer has a 500 lb weight crush load. Buckles are made of a high grade polymer material. The metal buckles have a 2023 lb weight crush load and only add less than 1 lb to your rig.
NOTE: Conversion Kits are sold as shown on the pictures. One dual buckle system for the left side and one dual buckle system for the right side. You get both sides (left and right) with the purchase. There have been many questions about this.  This should help sum up the confusion!

Converting your vest is easy in three simple steps:
1.  Fold the hook part of your cummerbund (where it would normally attach under your front flap) backwards to the molle pannel that has no hook material.
2.  Attach the QR Male Molle portion through the molle panel.
3.  Lift your flap on the front of your vest and attach the QR Female Hook portion (placed and spaced as desired) to your loop material portion of your vest.

(Some vests may require a small piece of double sided hook and loop to keep the folded portion against your vest or a zip tie...you'll figure it out.)

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