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Defense Technology First Defense

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The original, patented, fully tested OC formulation. Over many years of safe, effective use, First Defense has proven itself as the pepper spray of choice for law-enforcement and corrections the world over.

FIRST DEFENSE® OC Formulation was created to provide the safest OC aerosol on the market. Today it's the most widely used pepper spray in law enforcement and corrections throughout the world. Three out of four police departments choose First Defense® OC Aerosols by Defense Technology—not only for their proven effectiveness, but because they are the only such products backed by a comprehensive effectiveness study, and the only products that address the ever-growing concerns over health and environmental risks.

First Defense® Oleoresin Capsicum is water-soluble. It is processed further than oil-based OC to remove natural oils, waxes and fats; yielding a formulation that is clear of color and consistent in its potency. At 500,000 SHU, it’s also the hottest, water-soluble OC available. Based on their extensive research, Defense Technology has determined that their 0.2% capsaicinoid level is optimum for consistent effectiveness. But because First Defense’s water-soluble OC formula decontaminates more easily then oil-based solutions, it's not so excessive that decontamination time or simplicity is compromised.

Aimable stream delivery. The First Defense MK-6 aerosol can deploy a target-specific 10-12 ft. stream for controlled delivery with minimal cross contamination. This also provides a safer margin of effective distance with less chance of disturbance by wind or rain compared to alternate delivery system. Non-flammable, environmentally friendly, simple to clean. First Defense OC Aerosols use only food-grade formulations and safe nitrogen propellant, making them completely non-flammable and biologically sound. They contain no HCFCs or CFCs. And because First Defense is water-soluble, it allows relatively easy clean-up and decontamination of skin and surfaces, using soap and water or just a damp cloth. Clothing and fabrics can be cleaned by machine washing or dry cleaning. Airborne OC can be cleared from buildings with simple ventilation.

What is the difference between SHUs and MC%?
  • Defense Technology® no longer recognizes Scoville Heat Units (SHUs) as a viable means to measure pungency in regards to pepper spray.
  • Scoville Heat Units are a subjective measurement system dating back to the American Spice Trade. For years SHUs have been used as a measuring system within the pepper spray industry, resulting in confusion and a lack of confidence and consistency regarding the pungency and percentage of OC formulations.
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography or HPLC is the only true way to measure the heat of a formulation. It is a scientific method and ensures consistency. This is the standard used by Defense Technology®. The finished Defense Technology® OC formulations are tested at an independent laboratory tested for the exact percentage of major capsaicinoids (MC %).
Tested and proven—in the streets, in the lab, and in the courtroom. Defense Technology has never lost or settled a legal claim against them. Ever.

CARRIER (Ingredients): d-Limonene, Secondary Butanol, and Oil-Based OC.
  • Projector: MK-3 360°, 1.47oz
  • Formulation: First Defense water-soluble OC (Oleoresin Capsicum)
  • Delivery System: Stream
  • Propellant: Nitrogen
  • Formulation Weight: 1.47 oz.
  • Number of 1 sec. Bursts: 10-12
  • Effective Range: 10 to 12 feet
  • Material: Aluminum (seamless construction) Part 178.33a Specification 2Q
  • Height: 4.35 inches/11.0 cm
  • Diameter: 1.50 inches/3.8 cm
  • Warranty: 5 years from date of manufacture
SAFE AND EASY TO USE: A protective, spring-loaded black plastic safety cover is attached to the upper portion of the outer casing above the actuator. The Flip Top actuator assists in directional holding, aiming, and discharging of the device during all light conditions. The cover prevents accidental discharge of the unit and conveniently moves out of the way with the approach of the thumb or finger to permit easy access to the actuator. No separate lifting motion is required to activate the device.

INDIVIDUALLY SERIALIZED: Wear and water-resistant labels affixed to all units permit easy identification. Lot numbers for formulation are present for quality assurance tracking.

Before deciding to purchase a pepper spray, you should check with your local law enforcement department for specific laws on possession of, permissible uses of, and restrictions on pepper spray products in your city, county, or state. The following states have shipping restrictions on pepper spray.

States and Districts where Pepper Sprays are Restricted:
  • New York: Sold in pharmacies and by licensed firearms dealers. Animal sprays ordered online are legal.
  • Massachusetts: Sold by licensed firearms dealers. Animal sprays ordered online are legal.
  • Michigan: <35 grams per can, no stronger than 10% concentrate. No combinations.
  • Wisconsin: Pepper spray only, no stronger than 10% concentrate. Safety features required. Weight allowed 15-60 grams.
  • California: Weight restricted to 2.5 ounces (about 70 grams).
  • Washington D.C.: You must register with the police for possession of pepper spray.

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