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EMI Fire-Power 7 in 1 Rescue Tool

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EMI combined seven essential lifesaving functions in one tool!

Fire-Power™ is the one tool that will forever change the way you will respond. In developing the ultimate rescue tool, EMI has combined seven essential lifesaving functions in one tool. Fire-Power is a pliers, cutter, gas shut off tool, pry bar, spanner wrench, seat belt cutter and window punch.

The spring loaded cushioned hand grips fit comfortably in your hand and allows the rescuer to cut and grasp with ease. Its unique locking clip secures the tool and allows for stability and accurate performance. Fire-Power was designed by first responder personnel for emergencies ranging from firefighting to auto extrication.

Made from high carbon steel it is approx.10.5" L and weighs 26 oz. Durable black nylon holster available separately.
  • Includes pliers, cutter, gas shut off, pry bar, spanner wrench, seat belt cutter and window punch
  • The spring loaded cushioned hand grips fit comfortably in your hand
  • It’s unique locking clip secures the tool and allows for stability and accurate performance
  • Retractable window punch, so you won’t rip holes in your pockets
  • Made from high carbon steel, approx.10.5" L / weighs 26 oz.
  • Durable black nylon holster available separately
  • Durable black nylon holster available separately or as a tool/ sheath combo (Save $3)

Not the standard I was looking for.


Don't count on the window punch for much, I used it once last night on a 10-50 and it broke. The seatbelt cutter is a little on my weak side. The pliars work wonderfully and so does the pry side of the bar. Depending on your needs I probily would not buy this again. I'm going to see if I can return it.

Not what I expected.


The window punch broke on the first use.

There are better tools out there.


Window punch is cheap, I got one good use out of it. Tool barely fits in bunker gear pocket and is too heavy to carry around for the quality of work you get out of it. Also the plyers dont grip well and the wire cuttters aren't the greatest. The only positive use I have gotten from this tool is the prybar.

Not the greatest


I chose this product originally because of the spring in the grip for easier one handed operation. Product is very heavy and cumbersome to carry in bunker gear. Wire cutters had difficult time cutting battery cable, latch that keeps tool closed doesn't work well and lead to me having to use rubber bands to secure it. The window punch started to wear a hole into my turnout gear. Tool is now sitting in my locker.

Not a chance for a recommendation


No recommendation here great concept poorly designed and executed! What were they thinking. I agree WTH all previous reviews to mine

The spring punch broke the day I receive


I did not appreciate the spring for the punch breaking the day I received the tool. Did not even use the tool yet.

good but not great


Its good but it opens to easily in my pocket and the little (handl or lever) for the glass brake fell off.

I'm concerned


I bought this to eliminate multiple tools in my turn out gear. I may have made a mistake. First time out, the window punch broke. (Poor construction/ Useless) Seat belt cutter worked well, however. I have concerns over the clip that keeps it closed in that it doesn't work well. I tightened the screw that holds the clip in place so we'll see how that works. The tool is spring loaded to open the jaws one handed per RIT but the spring seems to be of poor quality. If you open the jaws too much, the spring falls out! Haven't used it as a pry bar or cut cables with it yet but I'm not confident at this time. Sharp edges on the jaws have torn part of the pocket in my turn out pants! Please read all reviews before purchasing this product. I'm not confident betting my life on this tool at this time. Very disappointed. Please refer to comments under ""Service/Delivery"".

Poor Quality- Get a Channellock instead


-The window punch broke the first time I attempted to use it. -Very heavy for its size -Oxidized/rusted after 1 fire Bottom line- if you are set on a multi-tool, look at a channellock Rescue series product. I quickly replaced this with one and hav

great functional tool


I picked this tool up because of the spring load feature. great all around tool. works great.

EMI: Fire-Power 7 in 1 Rescue Tool


This was a gift from a Fire Fighter friend, out of the box it looked very cool,a little heavy. I used it on ONE training event, and it broke, the window punch is a joke a rock works better, the wire cutters don't cut. Not even soft car battery cable,and indoor house wires forget it. The only thing that works is the spanner wrench... . Please don't waste your Money , And Brothers and sisters don't rely on this to save your or some one else's life. .......Its Junk good looking Junk If you want a Tool that works all the time , and will never fail you when you ned it, the Channellock 87 Rescue Tool, you won't be disappointed I have had this for years and I'm not gentle with my tools.

Cheap punch and seat belt cutter otherwise good.


Carried these for about 2 years in my volunteer gear never used the window punch and it broke just from being in my pocket. Seatbelt cutter also janky and I ended up removing it. The spring pliers are good spanner is handy. I removed the lock mechanism that keeps them closed because it would get stuck. Recently baught a set of cable cutters with the same handles they are everything about these I like and eliminate the things I don't.