HexArmor EXT Rescue 4013 Extrication Glove

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The best extrication glove has to be more than just an extrication glove; an adaptable, versatile, and dexterous glove that you can trust – that’s what first responders asked for.

The answer is the EXT Rescue™ 4013 Extrication Glove.

The EXT Rescue 4013 has high-grip TP-X® reinforcement for increased durability, and our advanced impact-protective technology.  This multi-faceted tool gives you ISEA Level 5 cut-resistance on the palm, keeping you protected from threatening sharp edges.

HexArmor also added an anti-debris SlipFit® cuff, for rapid on and off between missions.  The most flexible rescue glove available, the EXT Rescue™ 4013 also offers the comfort and durability to serve alongside our courageous first responders.  With so many lives depending on you, HexArmor® wants your hands in dependable gloves.
  • SuperFabric® brand material palm provides ISEA Level 5 cut resistance and maintains the highest level of protection available in the industry. (Interior layer)
  • Durable TP-X® palm and fingertip reinforcement utilizes the highest-level of abrasion resistance while maintaining an oil-resistant grip. (Exterior layer)
  • Superior back-of-hand impact protection system utilizes an advanced design to dissipate forceful blows over a large area.
  • Exterior and interior seams implement a double stitched core-spun thread, adding further durability and longevity.
  • Reinforced index finger and thumb saddle extends glove life.
  • SlipFit® and anti-debris cuff assists a quick on and off between tasks.
  • Hi-Vis color scheme increases visual awareness.
Measure Hand
Using a string or measuring tape, measure the circumference around the kunckles, excluding the thumb. Your hand should be open with the fingers together. Compare this measurement to the chart below to determine your glove size.
  • 5/XXS: 5 - 6" | 12 - 15 cm
  • 6/XS: 7 - 7.5" | 18 - 19 cm
  • 7/S: 7.5 - 8" | 20 - 21.5 cm
  • 8/M: 8 - 8.5"| 20 - 21.5 cm
  • 9/L: 8.5 - 9" | 21.5 - 23 cm
  • 10/XL: 9 - 10" | 23 - 25 cm
  • 11/XXL: 10 - 11" | 25 - 28 cm
  • 12/3XL: 11 - 12" | 28 - 30 cm
Downloadable Sizing Guide: HexArmor Glove sizing chart.pdf

Great glove


I haven't is

good gloves


I use this gloves for anything other than fighting fires as a career firefighter. Nice fit and nice design and color and nice protection.

Hex-Armor Gloves 4013


I use it for Lock outs, extractions, ect. I use these gloves for whatever job needs to be done once there's no danger of fire or any job that doesn't involve fire.

like a second skin


These will be great for doing work were dexterity is a must.

Excellence all time


Great product, multifuncional and excelent quality

Quality not what I expected.


Wore a hole in the finger and only used a handfull of times. Waste of money.

HecArmor Gloves


Great gloves, lasted me a year under heavy use.

Great, Quality Glove


Did a lot of research before I bought extrication gloves, none of the other brands really had the highest cut resistant protection like Hex Armor does. Glad I went with Hex Armor and not some other brand. Very happy with my purchase

Rock solid extrication gloves!!!


I have used these gloves every day on the job for 7 months, there is not one hole, not a single loose thread, and the rubberized components are all still in solid shape. When they get dirty I toss them in the gear washer with my gear and they come out unscathed, quick to dry and back to work. I use them on cut jobs, extrications, forcible entry with no fire condition, throwing ladders, packing hose, running saws, vehicle checks, they've held up amazingly to all of the above. I have a pair of the 4014 EXT as well but I find them too bulky and much less dexterity, I much prefer these gloves because their thinner they feel better and are easier to slip on and off without messing with velcro. I just wear an ems glove under them on extracations. Awesome product, I will be buying again.

Fit change


I use these gloves for extrication and as general protection gloves, starting fans, loading hose. They stayed dry the first month somehow and fit well during that time. However, once they got wet they didn't fit the same after that, now I am wishing I had gone a size larger.

Torn easily


Used strictly for extrication training, index finger torn in less than 60 days, 15 days outside of warrenty.

good, but not stellar durability


Overall happy with these gloves. As a volunteer firefighter, I used these gloves semi-regularly (at least weekly if not more) for about 2 years before they wore out. Dexterity is good, protection is good. They protected my hands well until I got a hole in them. With the rate of use, I would have expected them to have lasted longer. Still a great option and I will buy more.

Best Extrication Gloves Hands Down


Our department runs mainly on Interstate 80 and we work a lot of wrecks. A few years ago i heard about HexArmor and figured id give them a try, they did not disappoint. Great glove with great protection and dexterity right out of the box.

The right glove for the job


I just got my gloves in the mail I haven't used them in the fild yet but I've tried them on and so far I love them very light weight and they fix just right there very Functional. I'd Recommend them to anybody.