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Shelby FDP Elk/Pigskin Glove

$121.99 - $140.59
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FDP Elk/Pigskin Glove

Fit Durability Performance

The FDP series glove with the Shelby barrier system, uses waterproof, breathable GORE technology to provide a look, feel, and performance different from any other glove used by Fire Service today.

Shelby Glove produces the finest fit, with proven durability, to ensure unbeatable performance and protection for those who serve. The innovation of the industry's first ever cut and sewn e-PTFE fire glove barrier system, along with its waterproof, breathable performance, provides an excellent integration of technology and manufacturing expertise.

The GORE RT7100 Glove Barrier Fabric is uniquely suited to complement the highly engineered Shelby cut and sewn glove system, and is perfectly crafted to fit Shelby's NEW anatomically correct outer shell glove patterns.

The Shelby FDP breathable barrier thermal liner glove system is individually graded and produced in as many sizes as glove sizes. These barrier/thermal liner glove systems are sized proportional to human hands.

This glove is constructed of Heavy Weight Split Elk Hide and Shelby Abrasion Resistant Brushed Pigskin and Gore RT7100 Glove Barrier Fabric. Gauntlet or Wristlet Style. It is NFPA Compliant and Fire Retardant.

The Shelby FDP gloves meet or exceed current NFPA 1971 requirements.

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Comfortable and pliable but slick when wet.


Dept issued gloves. They're good gloves and very tough for us; my one pair lasts me 6 to 9 months. They're easy to get on and pretty comfortable. The only downside is they get awfully slick when real wet like in a long structural; makes it hard to pull sheetrock with a slick pole. I would recommend for structural but I'd probably say try something with more grip first.

Poor Durability...


At first I loved this glove, they were light weight, fit great,easy to don/ doff when wet, and were very comfortable. After only 1 fire I noticed the super soft elk hide back started to get small tears/ holes/ cuts in it. The leather palm material seems to hold up fine but after a few good fires of actually doing work the soft hide backing is so cut up they are unservicable.