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Streamlight TLR-1 Series/TLR-2 Weapon Light Series Key Kit

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Easily equip your weapon with a Streamlight TLR-1 Series/TLR-2 Series weapon light using this TLR Key Kit.

The TLR Key Kit gives you all the tools you need to attach a weapon light to a rail on any of your short and long guns. Each key is designed to function well with a specific type of rail or gun. This kit includes rail locating keys as well as mounting tools.

Kit Includes:

GL (Standard): These keys fit Glock or “universal” rails. These have a cross slot about 5/32”. The GL (Standard) key system appears somewhat thinner than the Picatinny key.

1913 (MIL-STD-1913 “Picatinny”) and 1913: The 1913 key is wider than the standard key because the slots are nominally .206” wide. (A little more than 3/16”) The standard key will work with a Picatinny rail but the light will move back and forth with recoil unless the clamp is very tight. Some guns with a Picatinny rail need a standard key depending on the construction of the actual rail. These will be identified for the individual guns as Streamlight tests them.

Smith & Wesson and TSW/99: The S&W key is a different shape than the other keys. These keys have the bar extended farther back than the other keys. They are for rails having a non-standard (too short) distance between the slot and the trigger guard.

Berreta 90two: This firearm looks like it has a Picatinny rail but the dimensions are different. Use the 90two key with your TLR.
Compatibility List:

  • Cx4 Storm (carbine/rifle) – 1913 key.
Px4 Storm (Pistol)
  • Standard key. NOTE: M lights are VERY loose.
  • New polymer key – 1913.
  • Older aluminum key – GL (Standard).
  • On the TSW and 99 models, the slot is too far back for the standard key and requires the special S&W key. There are many different models of TSW, but as long as it's a TSW WITH A RAIL, it uses the S&W key.
  • M&P autoloader takes the Picatinny key.
  • P-01 - Should work with GL (Standard) key. (Not tested; based on similar European version)
  • 5.7 (with Picatinny style rail) -1913 key.
SIGMA – Cannot fit.
  • Any with rails – GL (Standard) key.
  • NOTE: Cannot fit Glocks that ARE NOT equipped with factory rails.
  • After installing a contour remote on a TLR-2 equipped Glock it will likely be necessary to rezero the laser.
  • Operator (1911 with rail) – Picatinny key.
  • XD (4 & 5 inch barrels) – GL (Standard) key.
  • Cannot fit 3” barrel.
  • USP Full size uses the HK adapter 69085 with a GL (Standard) key.  
  • USP Compact uses the HK adapter 69091 with a GL (Standard) key.
  • HK P2000 is supposed to have Picatinny rail. (NOT CHECKED)
  • HK P30 -1913 key. NOTE: The rail tilts down slightly from the bore. This may result in laser zeroing difficulty closer than 50 feet (depending on the tolerances of the pistol and laser).
  • 99 - New (2004 models) FULL SIZE ones are nearly the same as the S&W 99 and use the S&W key. Older ones (no slot across the rail and the side grooves CLOSED in front) cannot be fitted with a TLR.
  • 99 Compact – Cannot fit. Rail is too short.
  • P22 – Cannot fit. Non-standard rail.
  • TLE RLII (1911 with rail) – Picatinny key.
  • KP345 – GL (Standard) key.
  • SR-9 – GL (Standard) key
  • GSR or 1911 Style with flat bottom rail - Picatinny key.
  • ANY ALUMINUM FRAME SIG WITH A ROUND BOTTOM RAIL: Including the P220R, P229R, etc. The Sig round bottom rail departs from the true shape of both the 1913 and Universal standards and may cause an improper fit. The TLR will work with the 1913 key but THERE WILL BE DAMAGE to the finish of both the gun and the light. The retaining screw must be TIGHT.
  • Newer Sig P series guns are supposed to have a true Picatinny rail. This has not been verified by Streamlight.
  • SP2022 - Polymer frame. Same comments as for aluminum frames, EXCEPT that the polymer frame is a little thicker and does not show marks from a clamp because it is molded from black material. PER SIG, the TLR with the 1913 key works.

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