FoxFury SideSlide C-Clamp Side Mounted Helmet Light



This 200 lumen light features a unique lock and C-clamp system that securely attaches this flashlight to firefighter helmets and full brim style hard hats.

Traditional side mounted helmet lights have a focused beam and affix to the side of fire and rescue helmets. As with other fire helmet lights, they cannot quickly be removed from the helmet and used as flashlights due to the clamp or mount used. The SideSlide C-Clamp features an innovative helmet adaptor with a lock that goes into a custom groove on the flashlight and quickly clicks into place when locked.

The prime benefit of the SideSlide C-Clamp is that it allows firefighters, rescue personnel and industrial professionals to use the light as a handheld flashlight and side mounted helmet light. The user can switch from one light type to the other in mere seconds, which is helpful given the unpredictable nature of emergency scenes and tasks needed to be performed by first responders.

The SideSlide accepts two CR123 lithium batteries or one rechargeable 18650 battery with a battery life of 4-10 hours. This powerful focused 200 lumen light offers two selectable brightness levels (high and low) along with a flashing mode. Simply press the switch down to cycle between modes. As with the Command and Discover helmet lights, the rear of the SideSlide features a flashing safety LED to help be seen from behind. Unlike the other FoxFury headlamps, the SideSlide rear LED flashes green rather than red.

The SideSlide C-clamp design attaches securely to firefighter helmets and to fill brim style hard hats. Another model called the Bolt offers a bolt mount that can bolts into select rescue helmets. 

  • 1 CREE LED
  • Rear 5 Lumen green safety LED for enhanced visibilty
  • Easily accessible tap switch, even with thick gloves
  • Fits firefighter helmets and full brim style hard hats
  • 3 modes, high, low, blinker
  • Light Output: 200 Lumens
  • Battery Type: Two (2) CR123 or one (1) 18650
  • Battery Life: 4 - 10 hrs
  • Weight: 13.7 oz | 425 g
  • What you see:
    • ​8° field of vision
    • See up to 250 ft (75m) away
  • Durability:
    • ​Fire resistant meets NFPA fire resistant requirements [500°F (260°C) for 30 minutes]
    • Waterproof to 20 ft | 6m
    • Impact resistant
  • Case Material: 6061 Aluminum - T6, Hard Anodized
  • Weight:
    • Flashlight with batteries: 10 oz | 320g
    • C-Clamp Mount: 3.7 oz | 105g
  • Dimensions:​
    • Length: 5.5" | 140 mm
    • Square bezel Diameter: 1.3" | 32 mm
    • Handle Diameter: 1.1" | 28mm
    • C-clamp mount: 1.5" W x 2.8" H x 1.6" D | 37 mm W x 70 mm H x 40 mm D




Waiting on my new helmet to put it on.



Use is on helmet rim Very Bright Like the flashing green at rear of lite Do NOT point directly at anyone Use for IN Building only

Any day


Absolutely love this light. I had the ability to use it at a factory fire. Soon after 6 of my crew members bought them.

Best value for the money....Hands down!


The best of both worlds, a super bright and secure helmet light as well as a hand held flashlight.The new version of this light now offered by The Fire Store features the upgraded 200 lumen cree led bulb and a lower price....Win, Win! I searched for quite a while for an alternative to the ""traditional"" under the brim light and the Side Slide beats it with twice the light output at a lower price. This light will be the new standard in helmet mounted lights.

Great Multi Purpose Light..


Very versatile great on the helmet but also great being able to quickly remove and use hand held. very bright and in independent test of the many types of lights used on our department it is much more effective cutting through the smoke.. Highly recommend this light..



Initial use was positive. Light is very effective cutting through smoke filled rooms and easy to track the rear green flashing safety light. Good area illumination for night rescues. After 1 fire and 3 night rescues, the rear tap switch failed. Returned for repair / replacement and it has now been 2 months without the use of my flashlight or any update from supplier. Not happy with the service but could have been an isolated defect. Flashlight is of heavy construction so would think the switch would be more durable for the price.

fox fury helmet mounted light


I received this light and I did like the brightness and the fact that it was made of metal and not a polymer that melts easily, the first issue I had was the tail switch functions when it wants to. the helmet mount is a piece of trash, it sits too far off of the helmet and is bulky, the first shift I used this on we rolled on a structure fire and after a couple rounds of interior attacks I noticed the light was missing, the mounts screws broke and released away from the c clamp. luckily I found the light during mop up und it still functions. foxy fury needs to seriously consider manufacturing a different mount. I am waiting on a black jack mount to remount the light to my helmet.



I have used this flashlight in 4 good structure fires including ventilation on roof. The light cuts through smoke unlike any other flashlights I've owned/used. I've had numerous people tell me how much they like the green LED light on the back. I've removed the flashlight from its holder too many times to mention. This feature is incredibly convenient. I've taken it off during overhaul, MVA's, extrications, car fires. Its also very easy to turn on/off with gloves on. This light is a little bulkier than the Streamlight Vantage and doesn't sit as snug on the helmet. But the pro's of this flashlight greatly outweigh the con's. I would not recommend another flashlight

Great for Cairns HP3 Rescue Helmet


This attached very easily to my Cairns HP3 Rescue Helmet. Sturdy attachment that doesn't slip. I like the flashing light on the rear of the light. Easy switching with gloves on. I just wished the batteries were AA or AAA. They are less expensive, easier to locate and used by other electronic devices more than the CR123 battery.

Bright but heavy


I've had the light for about 8 months now and I'm pleased with the brightness but cr123 batteries are annoying. My main complaint is the weight of it being carried on the brim of the helmet. The helmet is always tilting to one side. I haven't lost the light yet but the locking switch on top seems like it could get pushed pretty easy on accident. The screws that hold it to brim seem to loosen pretty easily as well.

Quite pricey for what you get.


For the price, it should have come with rechargeable battery and charger.

Good idea, needs a better clamp


The first fire i went into with the new flashlight on my helmet, it disconnected from the clamp. Never found it. The clamp needs to secure the flashlight better

Good, but problems


Bought the light because of the brightness and rear flashing LED. Beam is incredibly bright and cuts through smoke easily. Unknown if its a manufacturer defect, but the light drains the batteries like crazy. Even when not on. Plan on returning for replacement.

Best helmet mounted light I've ever used!


A fellow fire officer recommended the Fox Fury when I was looking for a helmet mounted lamp. I couldn't be happier with the performance of this product. My crew like the rear flasher feature. The hardest thing to get used to is not facing folks you're conversing with - the litght is so intense it blinds others when too close!

Excellent helmet light


Excellent helmet light. Kind of weighs down that side of the helmet.

batteries die after 1 shift.


The batteries die. The light has some type of internal source draining the batteries.

Helmet Light


The light is on my helmet. It's exactly what I wanted and needed. The light can easily eject with minimal force. I'm constsntly checking placement when not in use. I do like the producr even with this minor issue.

I would recommend this. A little heavy but in a good way!!!!


Love it so far.

Falls out of bracket easily


Flash light is bright, haven't had any problems with battery life. Only problem is, sense it does unclip from bracket I have noticed when I'm working on scene its constantly will just slide out of the bracket/holder with barely any force. I do like that I can remove the light without having to take the bracket off the helmet and use it as a hand light for confined spaces.

Good product with a couple issues


I have had this light for some years now. Even though the lense has since cracked it still works well and easily both in and out of bracket. On/off button works easily as well including while wearing gloves. But that is also the issue. It turns on to easily at times like when in a gear bag. I've had it turn on without my knowledge and drained the batteries which aren't cheap and as easy to find as AA or AAA. I wish there were more options for types of batteries it takes as well.