About Us
GideonTactical.com, the top tier source for all things tactical, was named after an account of great victory in ancient history. Over 3,000 years ago Gideon was chosen and directed by God to conduct a critical tactical operation. He used special tactics that led to a victory in the face of being overwhelmingly outnumbered. Gideon and his men were heroes of their day. 

Fast forward to today when, in keeping with the motto Equipping Heroes™, Witmer Public Safety Group  assembled GideonTactical.com to serve the specialized equipment and supply needs of both tactical operators and shooting enthusiasts.

GideonTactical.com is committed to serving the needs of operators and shooters who require more specialized gear.” said Jim Witmer, CEO and Chairman of Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. “We have experienced increasing demand for more specialized products involved in special tactical operations and in use within the shooting sport world as well. Today GideonTactical.com is positioned to meet those demands.” 

"Thanks to our loyal customers and very positive relationships with the companies we represent, Witmer Public Safety Group is growing fast. We’re adding facilities and capabilities to provide more products and services faster than ever before. We continue to invest in the people and technology to provide the finest service in the industry. No matter how much we grow, a large percentage of our staff will always be active or retired, Law Enforcement agency members as well as Firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics. That’s how we operate…and it’s how we live. We’re colleagues. We’re family. We understand your needs. We know our products. And we’ll never compromise on quality. As always, we’re prepared to meet or exceed your high expectations in every way.”

Jim Witmer, Co-Founder & Chairman
Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc.