HexArmor EXT Rescue Barrier 4014 Gloves

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Exactly what a first responder needs.

This excellent addition to the EXT Rescue® Series addresses one of the most common complaints about barrier gloves – the liner pulling out. Because the liner in the EXT Rescue® 4014 is sewn-in, it won’t pull out. No more struggling to get your hands back in your gloves.
  • Interior layer of SuperFabric® brand material in the palm provides ISEA Level 5 cut resistance.
  • Waterproof H2X™ barrier lining passes ASTM F1670/F1671 requirements and meets OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards (29CFR 1910.1030).
  • Interior liner is sewn-in, so it won’t pull out when you remove the glove
  • Durable TP-X® palm material is highly abrasion resistant, provides a strong grip.
  • Superior back-of-hand impact protection prevents smash injuries.
  • Reinforced index finger and thumb saddle extends glove life.
  • SlipFit® cuff with VELCRO® brand® closure provides great fit and easy on and off between calls.
  • Machine washable.

In addition, the 4014 is comfortable, highly-protective, and meets OSHA requirements for bloodborne pathogen resistance. It’s made with SuperFabric® brand material in the palm, giving you Level 5 cut and puncture resistance, so you can handle broken glass and twisted metal with confidence.

Purpose-built to give you everything you need, this is the safest glove out there for fire and rescue responders.

Measure Hand
Using a string or measuring tape, measure the circumference around the kunckles, excluding the thumb. Your hand should be open with the fingers together. Compare this measurement to the chart below to determine your glove size.


 Small7.5 - 8" 20 - 21.5 cm
 Medium8 - 8.5"20 - 21.5 cm
 Large8.5 - 9"21.5 - 23 cm
 X-Large9 - 10"23 - 25 cm
 2X-Large10 - 11"25 - 28 cm
 3X-Large11 - 12"28 - 30 cm
Downloadable Sizing Guide: HexArmor Glove sizing chart.pdf

I would buy these again


So far these are becoming a great pair of gloves. They are comfortable to have on and allow for good movement while wearing. They are a little hard to get on but I'm sure this will loosen up because they fit great once on.

Poor design


The 2 middle fingers of these glove are connected by fleece. I don't know why they decided to do this with a pair of work gloves. The fleece wore through in 2 months and now there are 2 holes in the 2 middle fingers..

amazing gloves!!


have held up well for over 4 years now and have been used plenty. great for practicing technique during training and not worrying about bulky fire gloves. have used on many accidents where patient care is needed

Under-sized; reduced dexterity


In short: get a size larger than you normally fit. The manufacturer's chart sized me between Medium and Large - I should have been suspicious, but ordered a Large. I needed an XL. The Large fits, but dexterity is reduced by the ribbing on the back of the glove, and the cuff is tough to get on. Both should be better with the right size.

get a lower size


if your medium to large go with medium and the cuff is too hard with bunker gear hand sleeves.(don't know what they are called)

Rescue Gloves


Absolutely love this product. These gloves are exactly what we were looking for and the price we were willing to pay. Definitely a good buy.

Buy a size bigger


There were Dept issue. We purchased one of every size and across the board everyone bought a size larger than their normal glove size. The are well constructed, but the hand off is they are uncomfortable, especially if its hot outside. Having the knowledge of knowing they are BBP resistant is nice, but but if you're out in the Texas sun, these gloves are saunas. And if your hands are already sweating, you well never get them on.

Great, But may need some breaking in.


Great gloves. They are well constructed and seem very versatile. Only real complaint is on sizing. I got a large because that is what I was sized as according to the chart. My hand fits the inner liner pretty well, it could be snugger but not a big deal. But the outer liner has about 1/4-1/3 an inch extra material on the end of each finger that takes away from the dexterity. If the two were sown closer together then I can't really complain about anything except the bulkiness. I prefer gloves that are nice and tight, and thin but you cant were latex gloves while doing extraction so I guess they are the best alternative, plus they are way thinner than my bunker gloves. They are a bit stiff at first due to the palm material but just need some breaking in and most kinks fix themselves. They can get a bit toasty in the sun in summer but are great in winter. The bio hazard barrier is a nice reassurance too. Best I have found yet in respect of work-ability.

Good Protection


Well built and provide great protection. I ordered an XL based on the size chart. I was on the low end of the measurement so figured I would be fine. Consider ordering a size up. They're a little snug but will work.



Terrible fit. I used the fitting instructions to determine the correct size. All the fingers are 1/2"" to 1"" too long. Completely useless gloves. Plan to return. Will not fit any human hand I have ever seen.

best gloves


Great design, protection and quality. Exceeded my expectations.

Excellent Service!


This was a gift to my son-in-law who is a career fire fighter. His grin said it all, he was very happy!! I don't know anything else about the product. I know they shipped it out very quickly to me and I was impressed with the visual quality of the gloves. But other than that, I have no experience with them. Again, he was very, very happy and had asked specifically for these gloves for his work.

nice gloves, but fingers were too long.


I sized the glove to fit my hand, but the fingers we're too long. Had to return.

Greatest Extrication Gloves I Have Worn


I have been a firefighter for 32 years and an extrication instructor for 22 years and can honestly say these glove are the best I have used. I will recommend these gloves to all those I come in contact with.

I would not buy this product again!


Vehicle extrication Rope rescue Winch ops

Best Gloves I've Ever Owned


Just got these over a month ago and I love them. They break in very quickly and are very comfortable to wear for short/long periods of time. You can tell these gloves are made to stand up to everything you throw at it. The bloodborne protection layer felt a little odd and you could hear it kind of make a ""crunching"" sound but after a few uses that went away. I recommend these to everyone.

Great But Not Great


I come from a company that runs quite a few rescues, and I use them probobly 15 times a week. They are great gloves but the fact that they have a BBP barrier makes they incredebly difficult to get on, especially over the cuffs on my turnout jacket. Also the inner liner is not attached to the fingers so when I pull my hands out I have to be careful not to pull the liner out and when I put them back on the liner is all scrunched up. If you do plan on geting these get at lest a size up from normal.

They are Awesome!!!!!!!!



VEry Poor Fit Quality


I did not keep the gloves beyond the first several days. Interior sewing puts the seems directly alongside finger joint. Makes gripping painful. Finger tip length is good. I have average sized hands for 6' male. If there is any perspiration on your hands, it will be very difficult to don and doff. I applaud the return policy. No problem there.

Quality gloves great features


Double check your sizing. Mine are a little tight. If your hands are wet your not going to get these gloves on.

Excellent product!!!


Excellent product would buy again

HexArmor Extrication Gloves


Solid glove. My only issue is with the sizing. The required measurement (the palm) fits great, unfortunately the fingers are about a half inch too long. Having the extra material past the fingrtips is distracting.

Just what I expected them to be!!!


I've recommended your store and products to my co firefighters and friends!!!

Good, but won't buy again


Gloves are good overall, but just that. HexArmor claims the liner is swen in on the 4014, but I still had a ton of issues of mine pulling out in the fingertips. If you sweat at all or get them wet, good luck getting your fingers back in after taking them off at a call. Eventually, I ripped out the liner and Blood/pathogen layer, essentially it's just a cut resistant glove now, which is all that's needed. I can fit medical gloves on underneath now if needed. The stitching isn't exactly in the best of locations either. If I did it again I'd go with Ringer's- not the prettiest, but definitely the most practical for extrication calls and MVC's. ... They do work great for traffic if you don't have a stop bat handy.

Would buy again


I would reccomend this to others, comfortable, and great for vehicle rescue/normal usage. These gloves are very protective of your hands when it comes the laminate and safety glass. I would not reccomend purchasing these gloves if you are planning to do high angle rescues or other rescues that involve fine motor skills. The gloves are a little too bulky for what is needed for rope rescue. Glove has overal great durability. Just watch out for the liners because they are not stitched in and will pop out if you are not careful.